Jose Lao
Spain is a blog founded in 2018, which aims to be a place for sharing examples, mainly of R code, using it for playing with data and performing examples of data visualization and machine learning in a useful and practical way.

This blog is run by Jose Lao. I hold a degree in Industrial Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, and an MBA. In my field of working, I have developed energy plans and air quality plans for the public sector. Regarding R language, I have been using R since 2011 mainly for air quality statistical analysis and modeling. During my R journey, I got specializations in the field of data science, data visualization, machine learning and deep learning.

Because this blog is about data, I wanted to put in this “about” page a simple analysis of the main packages that I use in my day by day code. In order to do that I wrote an R code that scans all my R and Rmd files to count how many times I have called to a certain library. Below you will find the visual result of the libraries that I mainly use.

You can get the code, and visualize other plots in my first post here.